Glass Kitchen Chopping Cutting Carving Board

Glass Kitchen Chopping Cutting Carving Board

SystemThis state-of-the-art combination knife holder and cutting board system glides on full-extension ball-bearing slides.



MONOINSIDE Tempered Glass Kitchen Chopping Cutting Carving Board, Solid Surface Kitchen Counter Protector, 11” x 7.5”, Affordable Wedding Registry Idea

With so many types of cutting boards out there, you are probably wondering which one is right for you and your particular use. If you are looking for a chopping board that is hygienic, really easy to clean that comes with hard and solid surface, then you are looking at the right place.

Merit #1 – Solid and Sturdy Surface

The greatest benefit of glass cutting/chopping/carving boards lies in their hardness. Glass cutting boards are usually harder than most high quality knives, which results in them being scratch resistant. This glass kitchen chopping board by MONOINSIDE is no exception. Be aware however, as the hardness of the glass cutting board usually results in dull knives over time. The need to sharpen your knives more often results in shortening their lifespan.

Merit #2 – Sanitary and Hygiene Friendly

Say goodbye to food scraps and residues, the breeding ground for uninvited bacteria and fungus. With the flat glass surface with little to no lumps and pores, you can be sure that all of the food remains are properly washed off with ease. This makes our glass chopping board ideal for dishwashers.

Merit #3 – A Variety of Uses with the Portable Size

Want a small decorative cover for your countertop or looking for counter protection? This glass chopping board can serve the role with no issues. The size of 12” x 8” inches and the weight of about a pound and a half defines its portability. Bring it easily to outdoor events of wedding parties. It also serves as a rather stylish serving plate. Think of sushi or fruit salad for delicious examples.

Merit #4 – Don’t Like It? Not a Big Deal!

Not satisfied with the product? That is absolutely not an issue. Your purchase is protected and we put your satisfaction first and foremost. Simply return the product for a full refund within 30 days after delivery, even if it is used! However, be advised that there is no compensation for your dulled knives!


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